Hi and welcome to our blog!

We are two PhD students who are curating this blog, which is one of the several collaborations we are initiating under the Ørecomm interregional doctoral project.

Ørecomm, the Center for communication and glocal change, is a partnership program between Malmö University, Sweden and Roskilde University, Denmark and supported by the Interreg IV A and the EU.

We are the pioneer PhDs of the project.

If you are interested in migration issues, then you have found the right place! We feature contemporary researchers, practitioners, and aficionados who are exploring the vast field of this subject.

“Can we recognise and acknowledge the phantom relations and the phantom interactions that national cultures and national identities implicate us in? And can we contemplate exorcising these phantoms that our imagined communities have become? Phantoms are abstractions: they involve us in abstract relations to cultures –most crucially, to those of others– but, of course, the point is that this is a consequence of an abstract relation to ‘our own’ culture. To ‘get real’, I want to suggest, would be to address and confront the possibility of encounter, of encounter in its ‘real’, immediate, and therefore often difficult and painful senses”.

(Kevin Robins)

Drawing on Robins’ brief description on how crucial an encounter can be, this blog hopes to spark insights among us, as we encounter the sundry, hot off press debates in migration and transnationalism.

Browse through the posts and send us your feedback, comments, suggestions or whatever you might have in mind! We hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to recommend us to your networks!

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