• 12-13 November. Marco will participate to the conference “Contending Religions, Identities and Space: Living together in contemporary Africa and Europe” at the University of Macerata, Italy. Program and other information here.
  • 18-19 September. We are attending the 15th Anniversary of Communication for Development at Malmö University. The complete program can be accessed here.
  • 14 September. We are attending the Örecomm Seminar on Social Media, Power and Democracy at Roskilde University. Check out the link for more details.
  • 28-30 May. We are attending the workshop “Archives and Cultural Memory” organized by Transnational Radio Encounters in Copenhagen. See the program here.
  • 22 May. Marco has presented his research at the Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen in the First Africanist Graduate Forum event.
  • 15 May. Marco has contributed a chapter to the book Playing Second Fiddle? : Contending Visions of Europe´s Development edited by Hans-Åke Persson, Bo Petersson & Cecilie Stokholm Banke. The chapter is titled: “Shrinking Futures Ahead? Debating Citizenship, Social Rights and Solidarity in the EU”. See the book here.
  • 4-5 May. We have participated in the MICS workshop “In the Aftermath of Gezi-From Social Movement to Social Change” organized in Istanbul by the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul (SRII) with a joint presentation.
  • 13 April. We have held a joint presentation at MUSA Brown Bag Seminars in Malmö titled: “Assessing political engagement in Malmö: Voices and Aspirations”.
  • 6 February. Marco has published a new journal article titled: “Greater Somalia, the never-ending dream? Contested Somali borders: the power of tradition vs. the tradition of power” on the inaugural issue of the Journal of African History, Politics and Society. To access it online, click on the following link.
  • 29-30 January. We will be attending the Transmig Conference at Malmö University. See you at the conference!

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