Project Collaboration with the Nordic African Women- Local Resource Centre

nawIn connection with our presentation at the Ørecomm Festival, the paper that we are writing is about our collaborative project with Nordic African Women- Local Resource Center (NAW-LRC) based in Malmö, Sweden.  The rational behind our joint paper is to explore the transnational theme of our individual research. We started brainstorming for this paper a few weeks after the Tricud Final Conference, thinking that it would be pragmatic to make use of  the knowledge we had gained from the conference, and to see how the theories are related to the realities of migrant groups.

Our collaboration with NAW-LRC was made concrete in a series of workshops that we held in Malmö between August and November 2014, where migrants have been invited to participate and discuss issues of access to the political space, primarily at the local level. The concurrence of the Swedish general elections contributed to revive the debate which reverted around questions of  political practices; the perceived exclusions of migrants from the political arena; and the need to elaborate strategies with the scope of empowering migrant’s voice. Therefore, we are supporting the Center in the development of further activities and workshops with the aim of identifying political leaders among migrants who will have the task of mobilizing the members of their communities.

To get to know more about the Center, please visit their Facebook page.

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